Monday, December 21, 2009

I Hate Cancer II

There comes time when you just sit back and although you have great belief in a God, you question why some things must happen. Like war, famine, cancer. I am aching because I am going to lose a good friend. Not a buddy … but a wonderful gal I enjoyed having conversations with. Cheryl is a vocal advocate for people with disabilities. She and I do not always agree on how the State should fund things, but we could have honest, heartfelt disagreements and walk away from our discussions appreciating our differences. The State of Indiana is going to miss Cheryl Waltermire, and that’s sad because people with disabilities needs more Cheryls.
Tomorrow I am meeting with Cheryl one last time here on earth. Her request. Her phone call earlier this evening blew me out of the water. I hardly recognized her voice. We last meet for lunch a couple of months ago, she used a walker, but she was so positive. She didn’t lie to me about her status … but obviously she wasn’t totally honest with me either. I’ve mentioned it before … I hate Cancer. There is no purpose, it does no good, it only leads to pain, suffering, and much too often – death.
So today I ache for a friendship that is unique. Rarely did Cheryl and I agree, but we were always able to accept our differences and be better people because of it. Cheryl had a quote that summed up her attitude, her vision: "We don't need to be right, we just need to do the right thing". It’s rare to find a friendship where you find ‘your sister’, ‘your sole mate’, ‘your equal’. But maybe even more rare to find someone that is your polar opposite yet ends up being an honest friend.

Oh Cheryl …. I am going to miss our battles. I can promise no tears tomorrow as we meet, because of my prayer warriors. But know that they will flow, not only for my loss but for the loss of those you so vocally advocated for.

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