Friday, October 2, 2009

Get out of the building!

The best way to kill a church is to squeeze the whole thing into a building. For without contact with people in need and publicly witnessing faith and trust in Jesus, a church will quietly die! ...

Bob Snyder

I am working on our Churh's PNC committee and we seem to have different perspectives ... which is what is right ... but it also ruffles my feathers! Particularly this week has this been evident. Our Church has a beautiful, roomy, useful church building. I love it, it does meet the needs of our Church. But it is not our Church! Our Church is the people we are, and the ministry we perform outside the walls that confine us on Sunday mornings. One gentleman in particular seems to dwell on the church building.This has given me more than a singular headache, and has led me to more than one margarita following meetings.
I know I am only one voice on the committee and need to be open to what others say. But come on .... I really just want a more community mission-minded committee, church and Pastor.
I want us to get out of the building!

Just voicing my frustrations.

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