Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a proud mom

Today my oldest son, Josh texted me. He unexpectedly received a promotion and raise. He was excited. I am a proud mom. Josh loves what he does for a living - drafting. He is the Manager of the Drafting dept for SpaceGuard in Seymour, the youngest to be hired into this position. He is now over a few departments. (Still trying to find out what all this job entails) He loves where he's at. Not just with work - but with life. He's happily married, has a wonderful son with his second child on the way. I thought he was to young to take on any of this - but should have known. I think he was born with a mustache! Josh was always mature, and he always knew what he wanted. When he was 10 and his dad left, he told Josh "you're the man of the house and you need to step up" - this was said to a 10 year old! Josh took his dad seriously and for the next 6 years was afraid to be a child. I was thrilled when he turned 16 and started acting like a 16 year old. Strange words from a mother of a 16 year old - but I meant them. He was/is an amazing child (no matter how old he may be). I am very proud of him.
Earlier this month, my youngest (who is no means like his brother!) started working for StoneBelt. I was a bit concerned - but his point is "It's a good job while I finish up school". JT grew up around people with disabilities; served as a mentor in high school to a young man with a disability, JT along with Josh became buddies with a couple of men in a local group home and they would go play pool with them, and take them to Poplar Street on occasion. When he went off to Vincennes he along with a couple of fraternity brothers went to the Dean and started a "Best Buddies" program at Vincennes. JT and Randy are still good friends - JT went down and spent a day with Randy just a couple of weeks ago and looks forward to going to Randy's graduation in a couple of months. JT is outgoing and such an encourager - he really is good working with people.
Today though, I saw him in action and he made me proud. I was able to observe him feeding a guy in our Day Program; Bobby. JT was feeding Bobby and between bites was carrying on a conversation with him. Bobby is pretty much non-verbal - but his eyes said so much. You could tell he was enjoying spending the time with JT. He was laughing and just had a sparkle in his eye. This didn't surprise me - this is the son I know. But what came next touched me. JT took a napkin, reached over and wiped Bobbie's face, and Bobby stretched out his hand and JT took it and shook Bobby's hand. Dignity - such a little thing, but unfortunately not displayed enough in the lives of our Bobbys. JT didn't know that I saw what took place - but my heart swelled. I wasn't sure if I could handle JT working for the agency I worked for - but I now know that the Bobbys we work with are better because he does. I am a proud mom.
Today I was able to experience that pride twice. I am a lucky Mom and today I loved my boys as much as a Mom could.

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