Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Pleasant Reminder

Last evening I was reminded why I chose to return to the field of work I had been doing for so many years. It was a year ago that I made the conscience decision that the time was right. When I left in November of 2006 from my previous job I was dejected. I was in a position where many hours was the norm/expectation. I don’t mind long hours – I enjoy what I do, my children are older so I have the time to commit, and I appreciate a challenge. But when your hard work, your dedication isn’t appreciated and you are feeling that no matter what you did it wasn’t good enough … well then it’s time to leave. So, I did. I admit how I left wasn’t the best decision I’ve made – but leaving was.

Fast forward three years: November 2009. I saw an opportunity to be a part of a company that I had come to respect when working with my former employer. In fact, part of problem I had with my supervisor back then was because of a stance I took in supporting Stonebelt. It wasn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back … but it did put a mighty strain on it. I was thrilled to be a part of the Stonebelt team. I saw an opportunity to do what I love doing: inspiring confidence in individuals that they can work, live and be active participates in their community.

Recently I have had more of an active presence in the home of two women. These women have been taught all about their rights as people with a disability, but they lack the confidence and as I have figured out lately, the knowledge to participate actively in their community of Columbus, Indiana. I admit, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the placement of being in the home. But I will not bow to a challenge and who knows – maybe this is one of the reasons God saw fit to place me there – to bring these ladies to a more acceptable position within their community. Like I said, these women know their rights – and they will tell you what they are! But they haven’t had someone show and explain other people’s rights. The right to privacy, to respect, to tolerance – the same rights they demand. It’s a long road, nothing will change overnight. But there are signs already popping up, and I a proud to be a part of the team that is gearing these women in the right direction.

Last evening was an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments made by individuals that are associated with Stonebelt. It was a pleasure to sit there and see the excitement, the energy, the pride on the faces of those not only being honored, but also those there to celebrate just being a part of Stonebelt. I enjoyed the ride home with the girls, discussing some of the accomplishments they have made over the past few months. I enjoyed leaving them at their home after a long, long day that suddenly didn’t seem all that long after all. It's good to be reminded and last night I was.

I enjoyed going out despite the hour, and having a cold drink on an extremely hot evening with a co-worker. We have only known each other a few short months, however it was an instant friendship. Thanks Cricket for being a person of ‘like mind’, for being someone that finds her work to be much more than job. Everyone needs someone you can laugh with, someone you can trust, someone you can lean on and someone that simply understands why we do what we do. Cricket gives me that, and I place great value on this friendship.

Last evening I was honored to be able to participate in a true celebration. It allowed me to wake this morning appreciating the opportunity I have to make a difference in someone's life ... and in mine. I really do love what I do. In the words of one of the women in the home "How awesome is that".

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  1. So glad that you are finding joy in the journey!!